Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation REVIEW

My absolute favourite foundation to wear right now is Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. I am loving this product right now. I have very oily skin and I always have breakouts, which vary as to how bad they can be.

This foundation covers all imperfections that I have. It covers my slight red skin, uneven skin tone, breakouts and acne scarring! All while looking pretty natural. It’s very hard to find a full coverage foundation for day time, I don’t like to be cakey during the day as it feels too heavy and it’s bad for your skin long term as heady duty foundation tends to block pores.

Usually when I wear makeup, half way through the day it has slid off. If I even touch my face all the makeup transfers on to my fingers without any pressure. Even putting on more powder during the day after blotting of the oil doesn’t work because I get so oily that it just cakes up so much and it adds more texture to my skin by creating little bumps of product build up on my skin. This foundation doesn’t have this effect on me at all.

Actually, I don’t even have to touch up my make up during the day any more when I use this make up. It stays complete matte all day and it’s very lightweight. It boasts of having a second skin effect and I definitely agree. This is my absolute favourite drugstore/pharmacy brand foundation. You can even pick it up in Penneys!

Where I bought it: Sam McCauley’s

Price: €7.90

I got mine in shade: 010 Light Beige

(I have pale skin with an olive undertone so this will suit you if you are similar for this shade)

I love this foundation so much that it’s what I wore for my 21st birthday dinner as it matches me perfectly and I knew it would last in a warm restaurant.


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