Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

You guys seem to be really enjoying my beauty reviews! So, I thought I would do another 😊

I turned 21 this year and with some of my birthday money I decided to buy some high-end products that I have seen people loving online. One of which is the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops.


I was sceptical about this product but I thought that if it was half as nice as it was in pictures online that it would be worth it! I bought it on Beauty Bay because as far as I know it’s not stocked in shops in Ireland so I bought it from England. The moment it came I ripped it out of its box and swatched it and I loved it. I think the shade is perfect because it’s not too light, I don’t like highlighters that are wayyy to light for your skin. It suits my skin tone and it works when I’m wearing fake tan and therefore wearing darker makeup.


It’s a liquid highlighter that comes with a dropper. I apply it by putting it directly on my face after priming and before foundation to have a glow and if I want it to be more intense I add some again after foundation and before powder. This product is just stunning. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good highlighter.


You can wear it as a base for an overall glow or on top of foundation to look blinding so it suits everyone really. I have never been a fan of wearing cremes or liquids over my foundation with my oily skin because I tried a cream blush back in the day and the pictures still haunt me! Products like that don’t tend to settle into my skin and just look so shiny on my skin. This product doesn’t do this which I am delighted about!


Where I bought it: BeautyBay

Price: €35.90

I got mine in shade: Moonlight

I hope the pictures does it justice it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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Pictures by my sister – her blog.


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