Banana Pancakes

This recipe makes around 10 mini pancakes (depending on home much mixture you use to make each pancake – I recommend not using too much because since there is no flour in the recipe, the mixture is quite hard to work with and tends to rip when you try to flip them so if you use too much mix for one pancake they will be impossible to flip). I’m not sure where my sister (have a look at her blog if you like) found this recipe, I think she was just browsing online and found it.

This breakfast is so delicious and very filling! You can put on whatever topping you want or none at all. This is also nice to share for dessert with Nutella on top.

What you will need:

2 bananas

2 eggs


First step: you mash the banana with a fork until its completely soft and almost liquid. Its easiest to do this with bananas that are quite ripe so a few brown spots will help a lot!

Second step: mix in the eggs to the banana – the recipe is one banana to one egg (1:1) so if you want less pancakes you can make it with just one of each!



Third step: heat your pan with oil (best to use non-stick because this is a very sticky mixture)

Fourth step: ladle in your pancake mixture to the frying pan, you can fit more than one depending on the size of the pan you use. Mine can fit about 3.



Fifth step: carefully flip your pancake. When fully cooked stack and serve!



Very simple and doesn’t take long to do, I was making this during college when I wasn’t on too early so I had a good size breakfast for the day!

Let me know what you think and if you’d like to try this recipe!

Also this recipe is obviously very healthy as its only banana and eggs so it’s good for people wanting to eat healthy but want to feel like they are having a treat. I started eating these for breakfast because I wanted an easy way of adding more fruit into my diet, and it worked!


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