Makeup Brush Storage HACK

Makeup brushes are hard to store – keeping them with your makeup just makes everything dirty and its very unhygienic. Storage usually centres around makeup itself and forgets about brushes. However lately there has been more of a focus on how to store your brushes. This has resulted in companies creating storage containers for makeup brushes at a high price.

A few years ago, I became obsessed with potpourri (you know dried flower petals etc) so I bought a bowel from the homeware section in Dunne’s Stores for €5 to keep them on my windowsill. One day I was looking at it and realised it would be a perfect place to hold my makeup brush. It’s perfect as you can see them all clearly and its much cheaper than some brush holders I’ve seen on sale at the moment (around €30).



I don’t see the point in spending that much on brush storage because that amount would buy me a very good high-end brush or 2! Especially since they just tend to be boring looking. This bowel is made as a decorative item so it is much nicer to look at and this shape works so well. This is my second one because I dropped it once moving it to the bathroom to get ready for a night out, but that’s 2 in the space of like 7 years and you would probably have to replace the more expensive ones more often as they wold be too hard to clean. The upside of this being glass is it’s so easy to clean.. you already heard about the downside but I could have just been more carful!


Because it’s a while since I bought this, the exact one may not be available but the only difference should be the colour because this is how the original one looked but I think that was pure silver in colour. This might help you even if you don’t want the same thing, next time you’re in the homeware section of a department store have a look at stuff like fancy bowels or candle holders etc because you will save a lot and then be able to spend it on makeup of course!

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Photos by my sister – her blog


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