Penney’s HAUL

So, I was on a mini holiday the last few days visiting my college friends and yesterday was the last day so of course like anyone would, we shopped! I picked up a few bits in Penney’s and as promised on Twitter, here is a little haul of what I purchased.

First up is something my friend with me recommended (thanks by the way it’s so soft 😍). This is a double-sided velvet tanning mitt by the Irish brand Cocoa Brown who also make my favourite tan (review on the tan will be up soon). I couldn’t wait to take it out of the package once I had it bought so I could feel it and it’s so soft I just want to go put on more tan! Comment down below if you want me to review the mitt on twitter! (too short for a full post)


I bought this sheet mask because since I was away for a few days I was also away from my skincare products as I did not have enough space in my bag. Between having some drinks and only using makeup wipes to take of my makeup and not using enough moisturiser, my skin has become very angry. I came home with plenty of spots as I have acne prone skin. I thought my skin needed a good amount of hydration so I decided to pick this up and I used it today (why its opened) and after I took it off my skin felt so smooth and so hydrated! I hope this will help my skin in the coming days.


This powder is a repurchase. I really like this one, its cheap and does what you want! If you’re taking pictures with this I recommend after baking with this to wipe it away with a coloured powder as it can give some flashback but I don’t mind it doing that for the price! (approx.. €5). Perfect for setting foundation and even reduces the appearance of frown lines on my forehead!


I bought this because I wanted a cheaper sun cream mist than the one I have been using that I mentioned in a previous post. I find them so handy and not at all sticky so I hope this works well.


I find brush cleanser sprays very handy for cleaning my brushes every day or every second day (you need to do this or else you are putting yesterday’s oils and dirt from your pores onto todays skin). This one is very cheap and a nice small size to use on the go. You spray this onto your brush and then wipe onto a towel. This doesn’t remove all of the makeup in the bristles but it sterilises the brushes for the next use. You should deep clean you brushes once a week. Let me know in the comments if you want a more in-depth blog post on cleaning your brushes!


So Sue is my absolute favourite brand of lashes right now! I went out for some drinks while I was away and wore the style ‘Dubai’ and I absolutely loved them so I decided I wanted to try another pair in the new range Suzanne Jackson brought out so I bought the style ‘New York’. This pair seem to be the biggest ones she has released. They are so gorgeous and fluttery. I love that even though they only cost €6, they are reusable.



Hope you enjoyed this mini haul!

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