Dramatic Charcoal Eye TUTORIAL

I started off this look by filling in my brows and priming my eyes with concealer.

The first thing I went in with was my transition colour -shade 335 from Inglot. I used this burnt orange colour as my transition colour but it is also one of the main parts of the look. I concentrated most of the colour on the outer corner and swept it across the lid.



I then placed a charcoal colour from The Essentials palette from Clarins. I put this on the lid and blended this colour into the orange.


This eye look is much simpler than it looks as there are only a few colour, the only reason it gets tricky is the colours are quite harsh so just make sure to focus on blending. Also, never place too much colour because you can’t take anyway excess colour but you can always build it up if you need to.

I brought the burnt orange and charcoal colours underneath my bottom lash line making sure to connect it with the top colours. I also assed black kohl liner on my waterline.



I then added an inner corner and browbone highlight using shade 395 from Inglot which is a beautiful champagne colour perfect for making any eye look pop!


I then added Benefit Roller Lash mascara and some lases in the style Dubai from So Sue. I decided not to add liquid eyeliner on my top line but you can do this if you like, it depends how dramatic you want the look to be. Also adding line on the top line can help disguise a thick lash band if you find putting lashes on tricky so this can be a good tip to hide.



So this is the finished look!


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