NYX Contour and Highlight Palette – every colour you could need REVIEW

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Today I want to show you a product that is so worth the money! I love all types of make-up products but it is particularly satisfying when you purchase a drugstore product at a reasonable price and it works just as well as any high-end product, right?

Many of you know the brand NYX – well here I am going to share my love for their highlight and contour pro palette.

I love this product I use it every single day. It’s portable so I bring it when I need to get ready on the go. You are getting 8 shades – yes you read that right 8 shades which works out at about €3/4 per shade! (compare that to brands that charge €10 per shade) 4 highlights (2 matte and 2 shimmer) and 4 contours. There are colours that will suit almost all skin tones in this palette.


Let me give you a run down on all the shades —
On the top left, you have the first shimmer. This is an icy white colour with silver reflect and is perfect for lighter skin tones or if you want to put it in the centre of your regular highlight for a real pop.

Next to this is the first matte shade which is a cream colour and I like to use this for my chin, centre of forehead and undereye. I don’t put shimmer on any of these areas which is why I like to use the matte.

Next is the banana colour which is such a useful colour to have in a contour palette it’s great for darker skin tones but also can be used to highlight the undereye as its very good to brighten but it’s also great to use for sharpening your contour.

Next is the peachy shimmer shade which I think is the perfect nose highlight! I think it’s so hard to find a good shimmer highlight for your nose -some are too chunky and just doesn’t work some make it look like oil but I think this looks like the natural highlight and shine that your face has without makeup.



On the bottom left we have a warm coloured contour colour. I do not use this shade for contour though as I prefer cool toned colours for this but I use this a lot for bronzer and then use another colour for contour.

The next colour is the only shade in this palette that I just can’t really find a use for maybe you can and that’s great I hope you can but I just think on my skin tone it doesn’t work.

The next colour is what I use to contour every day, it has a cool undertone and is so easy to blend out.

The last colour in the palette is the shade I use to contour with when I am wearing fake tan and again like the other shade it is very creamy and easy to blend. It looks scary in the pan but if you like to tan this shade is very handy to have and if you like you could always mix it with one of the lighter colours!



Where I bought it: Boots

Price: €25

A problem I have with using highlight and contour palettes is that there are always shades that you hit pan on faster than others (as you can see from the first picture) and I hate to have to buy an entire palette again just for my favourite shade(s). This palette lets you take out each pan and replace it with a refill! Why can’t more brands do this, it makes so much more sense.
The powders are quite powdery but I don’t mind this, I think this just makes it easier to blend as the products are buildable, just tap your brush off after dipping in and there will be no problem.

Overall I highly recommend this product!!


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