Everyday Eyebrow TUTORIAL

I called this my ‘everyday’ eyebrow tutorial because i wear a stronger more defined brow when i wear full glam for a night out.

If you want to see a step by step on how to get this brow then continue!


Ok, this is a side-by-side of before and after I combed through my brows. A lot of people skip this step however it is one of the most important for me! it gets rid of any makeup in the hairs. This is crucial because it will mix with the gel otherwise. It also gets the brow into the write shape – essentially I now have a template to work from.

In the picture on the left this is where I start. Don’t start before this, you don’t want a block brow. Deposit the majority of the product on your brush from this part to the tail of your brow. Then, as you can see from the right picture, you take what’s left on your brush and fill in the line under the front of your brow.

the next step is, without any product on you brush, start to blend the product upwards through the brow. This softens the line and fills in the rest of your brow. After this step on a night out i would draw the line on top too but for a day brow I want them to look more natural and fluffy. In the picture on the left I used a brow mascara to get the hairs i missed with the gel and to make the front more defined without being too dark.

There is is! Did you enjoy this new section of my blog? let me know below!

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