Facemask Guide (REVIEW)

I try to do facemasks as often as I can. I wouldn’t do more than one a day, this would be too harsh on your skin especially if the product for oily skin. Trust me, I don’t use one every day, I wish I had the time! But it’s good to aim for it!

I’m going to share with you all my favourite masks and what I like to use them for. Most of the masks are for oily and congestion prone skin but they all have different benefits for different skin problem!

First up is probably my favourite out of all of them. It is from the L’ORÉAL Pure Clay range in Detox. I really like to use this mask when my skin is feeling congested and I have any breakouts. It pulls out all the bad stuff resting in your pores and leaves your skin feeling so clean. If you are going to use this before an event I recommend that you use it about 3-4 days beforehand. This cleans deep into your pores so anything that is waiting in your skin will be brought out and you may experience breakouts from the mask and then your face will be left clean and clear!


Where I Bought it: Penneys

Price: I can’s remember exactly but around €12


Next up is peel off facemask which, let’s face it, it probably the most satisfying to use! (excuse the pun). This has tea tree oil and witch hazel in it which is great I think for whiteheads because it gets rid of any kind of infection. I like to use this after the detoxifying mask because once it has caused the breakouts this then kills any bacteria in the breakouts and stops them from spreading. As you can see its almost empty, so I must get a new one!


Where I bought it: Boots

Price: €3.99

Ok, so the above masks are very good for cleaning out your skin no for one that’s great for moisturising. This is from a very affordable range and is so sensitive on your skin. It feels so nice and it does exactly what it says!


Where I Bought it: Boots

Price: €6.99


This facemask from the Good Things range is completely organic so it should suit everyone as there are no harsh ingredients! I love this it both cleans your skin, but it also tightens and brightens, and it smells amazing!!


Where I Bought it: Boots

Price: €8.49


I am not a huge fan of sheet masks because I think most of the time they are a gimmick. They don’t tend to leave my skin feeling any different but after using this I always do! I like to use this if my skin is feeling in any way dehydrated and I literally feel like my skin has had a glass of water, that’s how good it is! It’s one of my absolute favourites I just wish I could buy it in a multipack because I never to think to pick up single-use items like this and always find myself running out but absolutely love this product and highly recommend trying it out!


Where I Bought it:  Boots

Price: €3.99


So, what is everyone’s favourite mask? As you can tell mine are probably the first and last mentioned but I feel like I can say two because they are different types lol.

Let me know in the comments if you use any of the above masks or what you use I would love to know!


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